Who Are We?

Since we started our business in 1981, we have gained a leading identity in the sector by successfully realizing many prestigious projects.

As Unsal Group, we also stand out as a company that produces high quality works starting from project level including product development, architectural construction-production, office and dormitory projects as well as turnkey projects. With the aim to create the ideal conditions for life by investing in the future, we intend to add long-term values to our community with every single work we produce. While continuing to grow steadily in the construction sector, we keep creating added value for our country with the new projects.

What Did And Do We Do?

As Unsal Group, we do not only produce separate projects such as housing, office, shopping mall and industrial plants, but also offer mixed projects including all or most of the foregoing. Since the establishment of our company, we have completed dozens of projects resulting in thousands of homeowner families.

We have realized the housing projects such as Unsal Court, Populer Konakları, Green Park, Concept Eryaman, Unsal Residence, Smart Town and Unsal Park.

Mia Center project, one of the most prestigious dormitory buildings in our country, added great value to our company accomplishments.

Beside these projects, Nexus Tower continue to rise, which is one of the most prestigious projects of Eskisehir Road.

Why Are We Different?

Honesty, perfectionism, team spirit, innovation, initiative, stability and entrepreneurship have been among our most important values from our very first day of business.

We adopted the principle of transparency against our customers, business partners and employees. We aim to achieve the best business by following the latest technology with the ideal budget in the shortest time. We stand stronger for the future with our goodwill, experience and know-how so far. We do not just keep track of all the project processes from the start to the turnkey, we also ensure that the customers from former projects always get the necessary support by our after sales service.

We are constantly improving the ways of communication with our customers in the best way under the latest conditions by making customer satisfaction top priority. With this vision, we work full steam ahead in order to emphasize our brand identity and the credibility of Unsal Group in our projects and we build every new project without losing our first day enthusiasm.

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